Benefits of Root Planing and Scaling

Benefits of Root Planing and Scaling

One question that bothers most people is how is dental cleaning different than root planing and scaling. If your Houston dentists observe symptoms of gum disease, he will want to stop it from progressing with the help of deep cleaning known as root planing and scaling. It’s effective for periodontal treatment as it stops the disease from advancing and causing serious health conditions. Let’s explore how you can benefit from root planing and scaling.

Gums and Teeth

If you don’t take care of your gums and leave the gum disease untreated, it can make the gums recede and cause the teeth to fall out or decay-causing other health issues. Thus, it’s important to preserve your healthy gums.

Gum Disease- A Silent Killer

When sugar mixes with bacteria, it causes plaque formation on your teeth and gums. When the plaque is not removed for too long, it can lead to gum disease as your gums will get red, swollen, irritated, and may also begin to bleed and recede. Many people don’t realize they have gum disease until it becomes severe. Gum disease is a silent killer for your gums and teeth.

Root Planing and Scaling

During the appointment, the dentist will give local anesthesia and use special tools for removing the plaque and tartar from the roots and surrounding gum pockets. It’s a deep cleaning procedure where the focus is on gums to remove the plaque deposit from gums.

The plaque is scrapped off either manually or with the help of ultrasonic scaling device, which uses sonic vibrations for removing the plaque. It is removed even from below the visible surface of gums, so that the gum tissue can be smoothed out. You need root planing and scaling when:

  • Gums begin to pull away.
  • Tartar has spread to the roots of your teeth.
  • Gums show signs of inflammation and irritation.
  • You want cleaner and plaque free mouth.

Benefits of Root Planing and Scaling:

  • A clean mouth
  • Better oral health
  • Less irritated and inflamed gums
  • Reduced risk of periodontitis and tooth loss
  • Lesser risk of cavities
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