Modern Dentistry: An overview

Modern Dentistry: An overview

Modern dentistry is a gift of technology. It is a science that has evolved due to technology like an art form. It is a new dental world and is not what our parents experienced. It entails medical procedure and science and focuses upon the prevention and treatment of various dental concerns. This includes gums, mouth, and teeth. It helps in the diagnosis of tooth and gum diseases.

Modern Dentistry- The new dental world

Modern technological advancements have facilitated modern dental practices to jump light years ahead. Be it treating a cavity, diseased gums or decayed teeth, technology has made everything possible. Modern dentistry comes with the latest high-tech techniques, tools, and materials. This paraphernalia can perform several services like restore our broken teeth, rectify our tooth abnormalities, treat gum diseases etcetera.

Modern dentistry is also equipped with whitening our teeth. It is the best means to heal your infected, damaged, or diseased gums. Diseases related to gums are called periodontal disease.

Since the genesis of advanced technology in modern dentistry, smiles have never looked better. The entire process has become quick. Most procedures don’t take more than one visit. Use of modern technologies like CEREC, Digital X-Rays have made dental processes pain-free, faster, and safer.

Types of Dental care services provided by Modern dentistry

The list below entails modern dental services:

General Dentistry

  • Dental Hygiene: Regular dental cleaning with a dental hygienist is vital to good oral health. Dental hygienists provide thorough cleaning which we are unable to do ourselves with regular brushing. They also provide several types of preventive care. This can help them to detect any early signs of decay that can help you to avoid discomfort. And also save you money and time. This is a preventive service and a part of general dentistry.
  • Regular examinations: Regular visits to the dentist for a checkup is the cornerstone of preventing future oral problems. General dentists can give you comprehensive instruction to maintain your oral health at home. They can also advise for preventive treatments like sealants, if necessary.

Restorative Services

  • Fillings: This is the most common type of restorative services. Fillings are performed when the dentist detects tooth decay. Modern dentistry is now equipped with the latest filling materials which can match your natural teeth and are safe. They are durable and last longer. They also prevent the infection from spreading. This is done by giving a protecting layer to the neighboring teeth when a tooth is decayed.
  • Dental crowns: These are the brainchild of modern dentistry. They are designed to restore damaged or decayed teeth after removal. The modern technology can make crowns that completely simulate the strength and shape of the damaged teeth.
  • Root Canal: This is an endodontic treatment used to save a tooth that is severely decayed or damaged. Earlier, severely damaged teeth could not be saved. But modern dental practices have made this possible. They have better pain management strategies and is also less invasive.

Cosmetic Dentistry

It focuses on improving the appearance of the mouth, smile, and teeth. Even though it most commonly focus on aesthetics but it also has some restorative benefits.

  • Dental Veneers: They are custom made according to the shape and size of the patient’s mouth. Made from medical-grade-ceramic, they are used to improve the appearance of crooked teeth. They look entirely realistic and applied to the front part of the tooth.
  • Teeth whitening: It is the most basic form of cosmetic dentistry. Also called teeth bleaching, it’s used to restore the natural appearance of teeth. The same is achieved by removing tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth.
  • Implants: It restores a tooth after tooth loss by fixing a tiny titanium screw at the location of the missing tooth. The screw acts as the support for the crown. They are made to look similar to the natural surrounding teeth.

We highly depend on modern dentistry to solve our basic as well as complicated oral problems. However, it’s important to follow your dental regimen religiously to keep your teeth and gums in good shape. Bluebonnet Dental provides quality services related to modern dentistry. Reach out Bluebonnet Dental for a consultation where they will efficiently advise you regarding all your dental needs.

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