When it comes to your family and their smiles, you probably want them to be as healthy and protected as possible, right? At Bluebonnet Dental, we feel the exact same way and believe that preemptive dental care is an essential part of providing our patients with the best care possible. Bluebonnet Dental is proud to offer dental sealants or tooth sealants treatment in Houston Westchase, TX for patients that are interested in additional protection for their smile. During your next routine visit with Bluebonnet Dental, make sure you ask us about dental sealants and whether they would be right for you and your smile.

About Dental Sealants

At Bluebonnet Dental, our dentist Dr. Lucy dang takes a more holistic and preventive approach to dentistry. Dental sealants are a preventive dental care option which involves painting a BPA-free, liquid plastic directly on the teeth. Dental sealants are either clear or tooth-colored, ensuring that your treatment goes unnoticed. Once painted on, dental sealants quickly dry, creating a barrier between the teeth and the rest of the mouth. This barrier seals pits, grooves, and depressions found on the teeth, making it more difficult for debris to become trapped. The barrier also protects the teeth from bacteria, acid, and plaque, reducing the risk of tooth decay and cavity formation.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

At Bluebonnet Dental clinic near westchase we recommend dental sealants for most of our patients as preemptive dental care is one of our top priorities. Patients that already have damaged, decayed, or infected teeth may not be candidates and may require additional treatments prior to sealants. Ask our dentist during your next visit.

Getting Dental Sealants For Adults

Getting dental sealants takes only minutes. Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, we will paint the dental sealants directly onto the teeth and allow it to dry. Once dried, you are free to go about your day.

Tooth Sealant After-care

Tooth sealants don’t require special care, simply make sure you are practicing a proper at-home dental care routine and are scheduling routine visits with Bluebonnet Dental.

Get Houston Westchase Dental Sealants Today

Ready to receive modern dentistry and southern hospitality? Contact Bluebonnet Dental to schedule your dental sealants in Westchase and receive the care you deserve today.

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