The Secret to a Perfect Smile: Invisalign® Dental Aligners

Do you often look in the mirror and wish you’d worn braces when you were younger so you’d have straighter teeth today? Do you think the window of opportunity to make those corrections has closed? Or maybe you have a teenager that you want to help in their adult life by making corrections to their smile today. Whichever scenario you identify with, the good news is that Bluebonnet Dental offers the perfect solution: Invisalign® dental aligners.

What Patients Love Best About Invisalign

Have you ever dreamed of a way to have straighter teeth without having to wear old-fashioned metal braces? If so, it’s okay to wake up from that dream and discover the real-world wonders of Invisalign dental aligners. This revolutionary invisalign treatment option allows you to not only wear the virtually invisible aligners for treatment, but you also have the option to remove them for important events. This means teenagers can remove the aligners for sports events or group activities – and adults can remove the aligners for important meetings, reunions, and more!

But Wait…There Are More Reasons to Love Them

Apart from their virtual invisibility, there are three other reasons that patients of all ages are choosing Invisalign® aligners or invisalign braces as a cosmetic and restorative dental option:

  • 1. There are no restrictions on what foods you can eat.
  • 2. They result in less irritation and discomfort than traditional braces.
  • 3. They’re budget-friendly since they require fewer dental office visits.

If you have time now, we invite you to read the highly-rated reviews that patients of Bluebonnet Dental have written about their experience not only with the friendly and caring staff in our Westchase dentist office, but with their smile correction experiences, as well.

Recommended by the American Dental Association

At Bluebonnet Dental, we understand how important integrity is to you. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with only the best treatment options. That includes options that have been endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA). That’s right, the ADA recommends invisible aligners as the perfect choice for adults and teenagers seeking minor smile restoration.

Ready to Learn More?

Our friendly and knowledgeable dental expert Dr. Lucy Dang would love to answer any other questions you may have about Invisalign® dental aligners or any of the other general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures that we provide. Make an appointment now to learn more.

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