Did you know that this year alone, over 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer? While 50,000 may not sound that scary, the fact that only 4/5 of those patients will survive is. Oral cancer screenings are an excellent way to detect and diagnose oral cancer early, before it has the chance to become an even more serious problem. At Bluebonnet Dental, we are proud to offer oral cancer screenings in Houston, Texas for our whole community. We believe that a preventive and holistic approach to dentistry is a must and exist to serve and care for our patients. contact us today to schedule your appointment for an oral cancer screening nearby. We are always happy to provide honest, high-quality and patient-focused dental care to our community.

About Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are a preventive dental care tool that allows our dentist to examine your overall oral health to determine if you have any risk factors or signs of oral cancer. If our oral cancer screening dentist notices anything during your cancer screening, you will be referred to a specialist that can provide additional testing and treatment if necessary.

Why Oral Cancer Screenings?

When it comes to surviving oral cancer, early detection, diagnosis and treatment are essential. At Bluebonnet Dental, our patients are more than just dollar signs. We are truly dedicated to their overall well being. Mouth cancer test can greatly increase our patient’s chances for survival by making early detection more likely.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screenings

When it comes to oral cancer, our oral cancer screenings have quite a few benefits, including:

  • Oral cancer screenings are non-invasive/non-surgical.
  • Oral cancer screenings take only a few minutes to complete.
  • Oral cancer screenings greatly improve your chance of surviving oral cancer.
Schedule Mouth Cancer Screening in Houston

When is the last time you had an oral or mouth cancer screening in Houston, TX? Contact Bluebonnet Dental today, we are always happy to provide high-quality dental care and can get you added to our schedule an appointment for a routine oral cancer screening nearby.

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